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From: Ali Bierman, 10:07 AM

Dear Friend,

Are you struggling to create the life you dream about--Your Very Excellent Life?

Have you tried setting goals  but haven't been successful reaching them? 

Or maybe you are struggling to make affirmations work for you?

I understand how you feel, because I spent three years doing everything the gurus taught me about stating affirmations, using my vision board and writing down my goals. I struggled with disappointment time after time after time. Nothing worked no matter how often I did everything--exactly as they told me to.  Then I discovered how the brain and mind work and I spent the next year unlearning how to create goals and affirmations so I could re-program my subconscious mind to create my success and be happier.

Little by little my life changed. My perspective shifted and my whole world sped into the high gear of change--welcome changes I had wanted to make for so very long but never knew how to do it. And almost all of those wonderful changes came from knowing how to run my head to take me where I really want to go and not where I simply said I want to go.!

Now I want to share my success with you!

So here is what I have decided to do.  I jotted down some notes about what I did to make my world work my way. Then I recorded my notes and put them on a CD, Ali On Affirmations and Goals. In this powerful CD, I answer a whole bunch of questions about affirmations and goals, including:

  • Why doesn't stating my affirmation in the present work for me?

  • How do you set goals that stretch you without breaking you?

  • What can you say instead of affirmations?

  • Why doesn't visualizing bring me what I want?

  • Is it better to ask for what I want over and over again and hang my vision               board up where I see it all day long or ask once and let go?

  • And of course, basic stuff like, why don't affirmations work and what can I do                   instead?

  •        And many, many more.

We can get you on the path to blasting through what is stopping you from living 
Your Very Excellent Life now.

By the way, what is this package worth? 

Just to give you some background - I charge $200 per hour for my time, and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in the last 20 years accumulating the knowledge I am sharing with you.  I sold many CDs at $47 could reasonably have priced at much more than that, when you consider the value of the life changes you could make just by applying my principles.

Now that we have the technology to allow and instant download mp3 I am giving away this priceless information for just $17 for the CD and just $7 for the mp3 immediate download..

Ali, why are you practically giving this away?

That is a good question, and there are a few reasons for this.  

I just want to share this information with you so you do not waste time and energy saying affirmations that cannot work. I want you to feel good about how you live your life each and every day.  You see, I have had a good year, coaching many clients, and teaching them how to change the way they look at their world - and I want you to have a chance to see what my methods and my products  and services can do for you.

What is your top goal for 2019?  Are you set up to reach it?  The thing is, if you didn't reach your  goal for 2018, odds are you won't hit it for 2019, unless you make a change in the way you do things...and my guess is that if you apply my methods for the next few months, you will be well on your way to  success in 2019.

Go ahead, take action now, and change your life forever:

By the way, I reserve the right to pull this offer at anytime and go back to the $47 price.
So don't let this pass you by...go ahead and take action now, and you will have my mp3 moments from now. .
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To Your Great Success,

Ali Bierman

P.S. Perhaps right now you are thinking "but I am not sure if this program is for me or not". And that's a fair question.

So think about this for a moment...

Imagine what it would be like to set only goals you KNOW you will achieve?

How about stating affirmations correctly and seeing results in as little as 28 days?  That would change your world pretty quickly!

Or what if you could end your struggling because you found out how to ask and receive what you want instead of what you don't want?

Perhaps Ali On Affirmations And Goals is really for you and you just don't know it yet.  I encourage you to take advantage of my special offer while it lasts.  Get the information you need to decide if correctly using  affirmations and goals is right for you.